Our house in Tangará – second week

Saturday we went to our building site and we were a bit disappointed because nothing much had happened. The house was still there:

The workers had just started to remove the roof, especially of the two porches, but the rest was pretty much there. The septic tank (the concrete rings on the right side of the picture) was also where it was last time we’d been there.
But then, today everything was different. I was a bit shocked when I saw it:

The house was completely gone, and we were left we just a pile of rubble.

The first stage of the septic tank is installed (there are three stages), and now they are clearing the area where the new house is going to be.
And there is surely a lot to clear!
Next week we will have some of the pine trees closer to the house cut, in order to avoid future problems and also to have more sunlight getting to the area.
This is how the house is going to look like (hopefully!):