Moving to Brazil

Brazil is a great country with much diversity in culture, climate and life-styles. Even the major cities vary considerably. Rio de Janeiro is beautiful and culturally rich then there is the vast city of Sao Paulo which is the business capital. There is also Salvador, a one time a capital, that has much history, but we live in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais famous for the mines and coffee planatations. Belo Horizonte (BH pronounced be-aga) is a city of around 4m people and is at an altitude of about 850m. 

If anyone reading this page is considering moving to Brazil and is trying to gather information then I hope I can help you. I moved to Brazil over 4 years ago now. When I was in the process of relocating, I often found it difficult to find the information I needed. Therefore I thought that I would try to help others who are thinking about doing the same. Whilst at some times the process can be exasperating, it was totally worth it in the end. See this page for more details.

Since I arrived here I discovered an excellent site that also provide much information. Please investigate (I suggest googling something like “gringoes Brazil driving license”). 

Finally, I am not intending to write any more newsletters or also any new information about moving to Brazil on this page. However, I’ll happily keep it updated if anyone discovers updated information. My intention is to move this content to new Blog page. Please add your comments.

You can also contact me in a number of ways from the contact page.