According to Alan Kay*

"Simple things should be simple. Complex things should be possible."

For me, and hence my choice of compter/technology, usability is one of the most important functions for life. Who would buy a car today, where you had to manually start the engine! I firmly believe this applies to web design and other computing technologies as well. Why ask for a meaningless account number, when you can use a name, phone number or something that has everyday usefulness.

When considering web design, I always try to keep this in mind. I prefer a clean simple look that gives the information in a well presented and stylish way.

I had my first web-site in 1998, and since then, it has gone through a number of iterations until reaching this one! I have also recently completed sites for our company in Brazil, Stellar, and Pro-Civitas.

I first ask "What is the site for and who is going to use it?" Only after this, do I continue.

If you think I can be of assistance in designing a site, please contact me


*Alan Kay was a researcher at the Xerox Parc design center, whose work was seen by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and led, indirectly, to the creation of the Apple Macintosh which was then 'copied' by Microsoft to create Windows. The rest is history! He has subsequently worked for companies inlcuding: Apple Computer, Walt Disney Imagineering, Atari and HP

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